Stephen Kahn

Food of the future

In Hard to tell, Humor on February 25, 2011 at 3:22 pm

The trend now is to “eat local.” Start looking at the next bug you see crawling around. The Wall Street Journal and other sources are reporting on how we will be raising insects for food.

Based on the controversies of today, soon we will be shopping at farmers markets for local ants and centipedes, fretting about factory farming of gigantic earthworms, and worried about dubious larvae sneaking in from China.

  1. Hi Random,

    I’m late to the game but glad to see you. Impressed that you are brave enough to use your NAME. I wish to be this brave and am not yet. On the other hand, I still have a somewhat stodgy professional identity to protect, somewhat like our friend David. I’m writing you in my “public but pseudonymous” identity – there is a lightly trafficked blog associated that’s probably not that interesting.

  2. Hi Catfish, I appreciate your dropping into my morbid blog. For sensible reasons it does not draw as many readers as David’s fascinating and moving blogs.

    For quite a while I blogged under a pseudonym, but as I retired and hid in the woods, I decided, “What the hell?” Once I am gone, no one will much worry about what I said on an obscure blog.

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