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Disllusionment and re-illusionment (Part 2)

In Hard to tell, Humor on January 6, 2012 at 7:39 pm

If I am correct that part of the process of growing up for many people is going through disillusionment, I suspect a typical sequence involves them becoming re-illusioned. Given that truth is difficult to discern (aside from the inevitability of death and taxes — and I have always wondered if Hitler and Stalin went through the motions of paying taxes, though even they do seem to have expired, and not a moment too soon), it is difficult to know if such a thing as a life without illusions can be said to exist.

In any case, lots of people do proceed with great energy and cleverness to re-illusion themselves after they suffer disillusionment. I think it reasonable to say, that each of us sees other people’s illusions, but are blind to our own.