Stephen Kahn


In my optimistic moments, I think that by the  end of this century, human civilization will collapse. In my pessimistic moments, I think the human race will become extinct. The motto of this blog shall be “Cheerful Despair.”

  1. once the earth is rid of humans, it can settle down and start making oil again. 100 million years or so and the black stuff will be back to oozing out of the ground in Pennsylvania, like it was before.

  2. I will not argue the point though I wonder what species will be the next to take the fatal step of becoming “intelligent.” Coyotes? Crows, Whales? Another primate? Octopi? Slime molds? Bees? Ants? Then they will drink the fatal potion of the new oil.

  3. Perhaps they’ll have wheels and go up on the rack once a month for a good lube job.

  4. I’ve been thinking of you this evening for some reason, and google delivered. Cheerful despair is an excellent description of those of us who remain optimists in spite of ominous forebodings and roiling clouds of disharmony.

  5. Auntie, how sweet of you to stop by my blog! When a vehicle is low on gas, we say, “It is running on fumes.” When civilization is on the verge of collapse, people start selling their pennies for the copper, and everybody is living on “hope fumes.”

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