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The underground non church church

In Hard to tell, Humor on June 18, 2012 at 8:18 pm

Omnivores (a category that includes our chickens, my wife, and myself), seem to function best if they eat a varied diet and engage in a variety of activities. Thus our chickens eat a worm here, a beetle there, a blade of grass over there, and a clover leaf just next to where you are standing. They wander from one part or another of the chicken run, sometimes pecking each other to test the pecking order, sometimes hiding in the ferns (for who knows what reason), sometimes running to the gate in the hope I have brought them some “chicken candy” (raw oat flakes).

I appreciate that some of my blog readers are religious believers (who tolerate my atheistic rantings) and that some of them are like me, “ethical nihilists,” or very close to such. I hang out with the Lutherans at the wood splitting (and probably will again) when my current ailments mend enough. For the most part I find them amiable enough, but I do not attend their church services. I also hang out with the organic farmers and gardeners, and with the local library folk, and sometimes even head a little far afield, as when I attended the Whidbey Island Republican caucus, where I placed my own nomination for President (a libertarian but not Ron Paul) and spoke in favor of gay marriage (so my daughter and daughter out of law can make honest women of each other).

However, at the last Lutheran woodsplitters get together, their amusement at their indoctrination of tiny children rubbed me the wrong way. So I set forth to attend an atheistic church session. Which I did, though things almost went badly amiss. I will tell more in future episodes, as well as revealing my devious plans for Whidbey Island proselytizing.