Stephen Kahn

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2012 at 10:33 pm

I am convinced I will finish my Kenyan millionaire story some day before I die, but as it may be self delusion, don’t hold your breath. We have just returned from a 2-week or so trip by rail across Canada and back by way of Amtrak. We are still alive. Our five hens are all still alive. I visited the relatives I can still stand (and who can stand us) and my favorite niece has two children I never met before who seem quite delightful.

I’ve lost the passwords to my main email accounts. At the moment, this blog is the only electronic way to communicate with me.

While traveling in Canada I met a couple of atheists I like. I met a Cuban taxi driver who said he can’t go into the United States. We had breakfast at a restaurant owned by a Lebanese woman who said that Iran has Lebanon by the throat.

If I figure out my email problems I will email you. Otherwise, I will post another email address for contacting me here on this blog.

  1. After struggling on and off all day, I finally got my yahoo email accounts going again.

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