Stephen Kahn

How I almost became a Kenyan Millionaire. (Last story, Part 2)

In Humor, Uncategorized on July 20, 2012 at 12:06 am

This would be more likely to apply to my brother, who actually lived in Senegal for three years, and actually became fluent in Wolof, and who actually learned how to be a silversmith, though it didn’t make him a millionaire (or he wouldn’t whine about money so much and would offer to pay our train fare on our trip from Whidbey to Portland, ME via Canadian rail this fall.) Though to be fair, he did offer to help pay for part of our fare from Halifax. If we figure out how to get from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Portland, Maine Though given all the difficulty we are having making connections, I do not know how people ever manage to travel in darkest France or Eastest India or even More Easterly China, where my cousin became an actual millionaire. And, I should add, my brother became lead guitar for a Senegalese rock and roll band, as I guess he failed to convince them to become a bluegrass band, which he much prefers to rock and roll, even Senegalese variety.

Anyway, in my last year teaching computer classes for the library system, an Indian man from East India took a class, and then asked me if I could do some consulting work for him. When I went to a meeting with – Hasan, I will call him, which is something like his real name and typical of his religious group, I found myself in a room with about a dozen people. One of whom was a man who taught fifth grade and ran a small business on the side. Another one was an attractive woman in her 30s who ran a small limousine service with one vehicle. There were about twenty or so other people who ran very small and very marginal part-time or full-time businesses.

This was a time, not that distant from the attack on the WorldTradeTowers, when America was nervous about Muslims. (Now, of course, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. all live in peace and harmony in America.) So Hasan cut right to the chase, explaining that he was a Muslim from India, a member of the sect headed by the Aga Khan. If you go to Wikipedia you can learn everything you want to know (and probably a great deal more than you want to know) about the Aga Khan. I’ll boil it down to: he is one of the richest religious leaders in the world. Millions of followers pay him tithes. He is too busy occupying himself with important religious enterprises such as breeding and racing horses to indulge in silly activities such as spreading Islam by bomb, sword, firearm, or crashing airplane.


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