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First the chickens, then us.

In Bad news on July 12, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Real life has a habit of intruding on story-telling. Last night, after I spent the morning at at a CPR/First Aid class at the church, my wife went out to putter among the chickens. She came back to the house and broke into tears and sobs.

“One of the pullets is sick,” she told me between sobs. “I put her in the closet.” [The store room where the pullets lived before we integrated them with the hens.] My wife, even in the midst of sorrow and turmoil, is pragmatic. She is getting the sick pullet away from the others so the young hen won’t infect the others. This morning she (or I) will go out and see if the teenage is still alive. This provides us with practice as we get old and eventually ill, for dealing with each other, just as my wife skillfully nursed me as I lay ill with an infected leg.

Tip to younger people. When you choose a mate when young for sex appeal and other entertainment values, choose someone who will be a good nurse when you get old. And start developing your own nursing skills. Or make enough money to hire good nurses. Romney’s wife has a serious illness. I presume she has good nursing care, one way or another.

  1. This is very good advice, and it it something that far too few women take into consideration when choosing a partner. A friend of mine who has breast cancer, and who also has an amazingly supportive, compassionate, and nurturing husband, was appalled when she went for treatments to see how few of the women there had any support at all — and of those who did, how poorly they were treated by their so-called partners.

  2. After I posted, I looked out the window, and saw two black pullets merrily running around. When my wife returned I asked “?” She said, “The pullet was egg bound. I found a small egg without a shell. It was like a woman having her first period..”

    She went on, “But Big Mama’s poop doesn’t look good. It has greenish goo.” So there is always something…

    In regard to marrying a nurse, I knew a man who was dying (though I didn’t know it at the time). The last woman he married (who probably knew he was dying) was a nurse. So it’s never too late until it’s really too late… But I wouldn’t depend on last minute saves such as as a pullet having her first pullet, or a nurse who likes to run her own private, personal hospice showing up at the last minute.

  3. Yes good advice. My wife is 10 yrs my junior. I’m not certain of nursing skills but I know she follows directions well (From OTHER people, anyway!) And she dawdles over the dogs like Mrs Random does over the chickens, so she might make a good nurse. I will be finding out in 2 weeks as I am going in for spine surgery and will be laid up for a while. Getting attached to ckickens is a bad idea. We lost 2 this year to “Natural causes (Beats death-by-coyote any day.)

  4. Hi Pete, I hope the spine surgery goes well. My computer received some Linux updates, and it is working better, but also some of the problems have to do with hardware, and I need to get some, and I want to make sure it is compatible with my dual Windows/Linux hybrid before I purchase hardware. So the story I promised is in the works, but I am not sure exactly when it will drop in.

  5. I should mention that the pullet is doing OK. When my wife examined her she found a little tiny egg, with no shell. She had her first egg before quite being ready. I said, “Sort of like a miscarriage?” My wife looked at me with scorn (dumb man!) and said, “No, more like her first period.” And big Mama, perhaps a little slower in her marching around, seems fairly on top of things. It took about a week, but we finally convinced the pullets to sleep together without bloodshed. My wife is sure the secret is that she talks to them sweetly and firmly, while I just give them harsh looks and that does no good.

    Also I am stumbling along with starting an “atheist” church like the ones I found on the mainland. I have four signed up on the island, and three of us may meet soon at the hospital coffee shop. I agreed the location is good. 1. Two of the four members live in Coupeville (location of the hospital). 2. In case I keep over; it will be easy to drag me over to emergency and will save the cost of an ambulance.

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