Stephen Kahn

Founding an atheist church?

In Good news, Humor on July 4, 2012 at 7:43 pm

I belong to what is supposed to be one of the best Health Maintenance Organizations in the United States, but like the making of sausage and legislation, close examination of medical care can be dispiriting. I have encountered about a dozen doctors, about a dozen nurses, and more medications than I can keep track of in the course of treating my illness. The health care workers have all been kind and considerate, but they do not all agree with each other (though being tactful, they do not criticize each other). The different medications do not all agree with each other. They are less tactful, and seem to argue with each other as they course through my bloodstream and digestive system.

However, despite setbacks and frets, I am making progress. I took off some bandages, took a shower, engaged in some exercise, trimming weeds on the edge of our property.

My irreligious efforts have not gone all that well, either. I set out yesterday to attend an atheist/free thinker/secular humanist/agnostic (etc.) picnic in Seattle yesterday, but the directions were vague (and my comprehension dim) and I never found the other people and missed the picnic. A I get older, it is getting too difficult for me to attend these groups in Seattle any more. My project is to found a non-believer church on Whidbey Island. I am about to head over to Craig and Sharon’s house where they are hosting a picnic for my wife and myself. Perhaps their pastor and parish leader can provide assistance to me in helping start a Whidbey atheist church. Such a project would test their tolerance to the limit, I fear.

Oxymoron Stephen about to head out to a picnic with the friendly neighbors.

  1. Time and time again you have proven how much you enjoy testing the tolerance of believers…!

  2. Pete, I cannot argue with you. The tolerance of believers has been tested for … let’s see … this is 2012 years. With a little rounding off, it is more than 2000 years or so.

  3. Pete, I was about to write more but dinner was being served. First, of all, I appreciate your continuing to read my blog despite my constant testing of a few believers’ tolerance (as I appreciate the rest of you for the same reason). Second, to continue what I was saying, believers’ have tested each other patience for many centuries. For example, if you were a Catholic or a Protestant in the times of Henry VIII, Mary (Queen of Scots), or Elizabeth, Henry’s illegitimate daughter, you either would have been killing one of the others or hiding from one of the others. As far as atheists go, there were none (at least talking about it publicly), and once one of the believers got over their shock if someone so identified himself as such, would have reached for his sword. They really used swords on each other in those days. It wasn’t called “fencing”; it was called “Killing because we haven’t invented handy hand guns yet.”

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