Stephen Kahn

Antibiotic anxiety

In Bad news on June 25, 2012 at 1:20 am

As my leg infection treatment has not progressed as well as I had hoped, my doctor prescribed two new antibiotics. One of them, called Cipro, has some scary warnings, especially having to do with tendon ruptures. I have taken the prescription as directed for the weekend, but I am going to see the doctor early Monday, and I will express my concerns and see if there is an alternative I can try. I already have lost a lot of my exercise benefits from being ill; I do not want to be so terrified that I no longer can take a walk or do a little light lifting.

  1. Well sure the antibiotic warns you of what can go wrong. Have you seen the warnings on EVERYTHING, whether it is a drug or food or a baby stroller, etc? With most of the medications these days the illness looks better than the possible side effects of most drugs out there. I love the magazine ads with one page of beautiful happy people taking the dryg de jour, and then 2 pages of tiny print warning you that not only might this drug cause horrific problems in your body but it might wipe out a rainforest somewhere, too…!

  2. Unfortunately, taking medications is like going to the casino. Sometimes the ailment is cured (thus one wins); sometimes the drug causes problems; pretty much a losing proposition. My wife knows someone that ruptured a tendon from taking Cipro. The latest doctor I encountered in my HMO’s never-ending doctor shuffling assured me that he knows of no patients taking it at the HMO has had a tendon rupture. Perhaps my being a member will make me safe; or perhaps I will be the one who warns them off. Anyway, they switched another of the two antibiotics out and I am feeling a little better today. The things old people do for excitement…

  3. Yep… I am scheduling back surgery for the end of July! Ouch. They will have to fuse at least 2 vertabrae together. I guess I jumped off a few too many roofs/skiied off a few too many cliffs in my youth…

  4. Ouch, Pete. I hope things go reasonably well for you. Just as in Dickens’ “Christmas Carol,” we are all haunted by the ghost of risky, exciting, fun things past.

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