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Back to exercising

In Good news, Uncategorized on June 5, 2012 at 8:53 pm

After my weekend visit to the emergency room at Whidbey General Hospital, my wife and I called our HMO in Everett. They advised me to visit as soon as possible. Although my wife’s nursing care has been impeccable, our constant contact had begin to wear thin. Also she had been asked to provide an extra day of coverage at her senior center volunteer work. She asked me if I felt strong enough to drive myself to my doctor’s office. Although I had not driven our vehicle or left home on my own for a month, I decided to take a chance on transporting myself. I also felt some relief at traveling on my own for a bit. I dropped my wife off at the senior center and cautiously headed for the ferry.

When I got to the medical clinic, my doctor greeted me with his usual optimistic cheer. I discussed my visit to the emergency room, and the on-call EM doctor’s revelation that I seem to have a heart murmur. My doctor listened carefully with his stethoscope, and indicated that 1) heart murmurs are not uncommon; 2) often do not indicate anything very serious; and 3) my murmur is so slight it is barely possible to hear.

He indicated 1) I am probably not having a heart problem; 2) I am probably not having gall bladder problems (the other most likely cause of my symptoms; 3) I was probably having a digestive upset (most likely a result of all the antibiotics I am taking). He also indicated that the most recent bacterial strain detected in my devil’s brew of infections is one often involved with animals and dirt. As I have not been walking barefoot in our chicken run, I am not sure of any direct connection, though as I let the chickens out of the coop this morning, I looked at them severely, and suggested they might think better of drinking from puddles (as they were enthusiastically doing).

My doctor also indicated that I should resume exercising, which I am about to do.

  1. I’m sure your doctor already recommended this, but just in case … probiotics can really work wonders with the antibiotic digestive holocaust, without disrupting the action of the antibiotics. Acidophilus — you want it refrigerated, live, in capsules. You’d have to eat a gallon of yogurt to get the same amount you can get in the capsules, so unless you really like yogurt, it’s a good fallback.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Dave. I am indeed taking Acidophilus (live in capsules refrigerated until two minutes before I swallow the capsule). I am eating a lot of yoghurt in addition, but not by the gallon. I do appreciate your frequent attendance at my hypochondriac blog.

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