Stephen Kahn

Water! Water! But not a drop to drink

In Bad news, Humor on May 29, 2012 at 5:20 pm

I am slowly mending, and getting up and around a bit. However, today the electrical system that powers our pressure pump (that sends water to our plumbing after it gets up from our well) went out. We have a call in to an electrician, but as people on Whidbey tend to work on a “whatever” sort of basis, he had not called us back yet (two hours after I left a message). The “mañana” culture is charming when I indulge myself in it, but very irritating when I want someone to respond to my needs and imperatives. We have some bottled water (in case of the large earthquake that has not struck us yet), and we are going through it surprisingly quickly.

  1. Oh dear. I hope that your water is restored to you immediately. The electricians may or may not receive training on this attitude, it persists as far as Texas.

  2. The plot thickens, or at least overflows. My wife called the person who dug our well. He explained that there are special interface circuits controlling well pumps that only specialists in such matters understand. He said regular electricians do not really want to have anything to do with wells and well pumps. He gave us a name of such a well-interface expert; my wife called him; and he is supposed to get out to see us tomorrow. Once upon a time I knew what it was like to be able to turn on a faucet, to actually feel hot water (and take a shower), and to flush a toilet. Well, as Sharon (Mrs. Friendly Neighbor, visiting Turkey at the moment) once said, telling us about her uncle who looked for gold in Alaska, then crossed Alaska in mid-winter by dog-sled to finally discover platinum and make a fortune, “They were very sturdy in those days.” And I am whining because I have to use bottled (cold) water from the supermarket tonight to brush my teeth before going to bed. And also whining because my wife (who is doing a very skillful job of emergency nursing) has cold hands as she sets up my antibiotic infusion. Sophisticated we are, sort of; sturdy, not so much. Good night. I hope things are well with you and Robert.

    • I think you are doing a very good job being sturdy. It’s easy to say all that after you’ve struck platinum. I am sorry that your pump is not being sturdy, though. Living without water is a horrid inconvenience, especially when you are already ill.

  3. Thank you, Waxing. Between the two of us, my wife and I, we about come to 1/2 of a sturdy person.

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