Stephen Kahn

Disllusionment and re-illusionment (Part 2)

In Hard to tell, Humor on January 6, 2012 at 7:39 pm

If I am correct that part of the process of growing up for many people is going through disillusionment, I suspect a typical sequence involves them becoming re-illusioned. Given that truth is difficult to discern (aside from the inevitability of death and taxes — and I have always wondered if Hitler and Stalin went through the motions of paying taxes, though even they do seem to have expired, and not a moment too soon), it is difficult to know if such a thing as a life without illusions can be said to exist.

In any case, lots of people do proceed with great energy and cleverness to re-illusion themselves after they suffer disillusionment. I think it reasonable to say, that each of us sees other people’s illusions, but are blind to our own.

  1. most of us would be very unhappy if we knew what other people were thinking about us, but that doesn’t mean they’re right (I hope).

  2. I can’t read this post right now, because I can’t see around the log in my eye.

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