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Science fiction Thanksgiving

In Good news, Humor on November 25, 2011 at 6:37 pm

We attended Thanksgiving in Seattle with part of our complicated science-fiction, end of civilization family. Seven-year-old granddaughter AE, Mama (my daughter), Mommy (birth mother of AE and our daughter out-of-law), another grandma – birth mother of dad #2 [sperm donor’s partner] and another grandpa – dad #2’s mom’s current husband, a Methodist minister in the mountains of Colorado. There is no vocabulary to describe the members of my family.

Apparently, the hippies won. Colorado Grandma (as I shall dub her) went on at some length about civil union not being good enough; everyone should hold out for gay marriage. Apparently, that’s where daughter and daughter out-of-law are also. I already adjusted to my daughter changing her last name; I suppose I can handle it when daughter-out-of-law becomes just another boring daughter-in-law. I am nothing if not flexible. (That’s why I work out at the gym 3 or 4 times a week).

Colorado grandpa-elderly Methodist minister agreed with me that religious belief is a creation of human beings. He gives sermons; I don’t go to church; we were comfortable with each other.

At Thanksgiving dinner we ate the usual Thanksgiving stuff, AE asked Thanksgiving riddles (how did the turkey get into the house?) talked about our most memorable Thanksgivings. Colorado Grandpa’s most memorable Thanksgiving was the one he skipped. He was asked by Martin Luther King, Jr. to join him (and other supporters) to head South for one of their freedom marches. Colorado Grandpa’s mom did not like MLK, Jr.; he wasn’t radical enough for her. (Still not quite clear to me all the twists of the story; anyway, it all happened a long time ago.)

Colorado Grandma said Colorado area where they live is very conservative, but they have the best policy in the nation about how the local police should behave when searching trans-gender suspects. What would MLK, Jr. have thought, if he were still alive?

After a long delay, Sylvie, the world’s most lovable cat, made her appearance, purring loudly. The Colorado grandparents are dog people (owned by a cocker spaniel), but they agreed that as far as cats go, Sylvie is superlative. Sylvie purred loudly, demonstrating how cats conquered human beings and made us their slaves; even humans who enslaved themselves to cocker spaniels. Even human beings in the mountains of Colorado who see an occasional puma. “We don’t see them very often, but we are told they always have us under surveillance,” reported the Colorado grandparents. After Sylvie surveilled us, and deigned to sit in a few laps, AE fed Sylvie her regular cat foot. As a queen, Sylvie does not do table scraps, even turkey table scraps.

  1. I am glad that your Thanksgiving meal falls under the category of good news. I think family is a prefectly suitable word to describe the members of your family. Family is the most important of relationships, and the means are not half so important as the end.

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