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In Good news, Humor on November 5, 2011 at 3:30 am

Just when I thought I had nothing that would interest anyone on the topic of science fiction, I read a couple of interesting comments, such as the one about Robert Heinlein and Philip K. Dick. So I decided to continue. My thought now is to bounce back and forth between science fiction from literature and film and science fiction as it is coming true in our present time.

For example, I read about “hive minds”; now I wonder if the Internet is now turning human beings into a kind of giant hive mind creature communicating through email, blogs, Facebook. On the other hand, a couple of nights ago I attended a Transition Whidbey “potluck with a purpose,” to listen to Jonathan Moses, a political scientist/economist (who lives on Whidbey, farmed in Norway, and now teaches at a Norweigian College) talk about economic challenges of the present and future. He was a good presenter and had interesting presentation, but had difficulty keeping the program and the discussion going. As he said in a good-natured fashion, this is like “herding cats.” Everyone at Transition Whidbey seems to be in agreement about organic gardening, farming, and living, and about a thousand other values and ideas (hence we are forming something of a hive mind like creature), but everyone has a different idea about how it will come about and how it should proceed, so we seem to be a “hive mind” that is a total ADD/HD anarchy mind.

  1. Bees and ants have a lot in common, socially. How come we never hear about ant-hill mind? That seems a lot closer than hive mind wrt the folks I hang out with.

  2. Hello Joem,

    Welcome to my tiny ant-hill. I think you make a good point. I just took a quick look at your blog (ant-hill); I don’t know how young you are but I feel a bit old. I see Generation X, Y, and Z (and various synonyms for generations and wonder what generation you are. Anyway, thanks for dropping in on grandpa.

  3. i’m probably older than you are.

    then again, this is the internet, so i’m probably also a dog.

  4. Perhaps we were twins separated at birth. I was born in Chicago, but absconded to California at the age of four. Attended six high schools in three states (one step ahead of the law, obviously).

  5. I was born in California , but absconded to the South. Attended, let’s see, six grammar schools in the second grade. But high school in Phoenix.

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