Stephen Kahn

Anne Elise Mourns Little Peep

In Hard to tell on October 19, 2011 at 2:13 am

My wife was saddened by the death of our chicken Little Peep. Our grandaughter, Anne Elise, a talented young artist, sent us a consolation card with a touching portrait of Little Peep.

  1. That was very thoughtful of her. Poor Little Peep…but at least she is immortalized in crayon, which is more than most of us will ever be able to say about ourselves.

  2. Hi David, I was struggling to turn around the sideways picture and you read it before I got that far. I hope you did not get a crick in your neck. At the moment, Big Mama, Moll, Lucy, and Ethel are all laying eggs, though Lucy becks my wife and I every time we come near. She did not get the message that we are higher in the pecking order than she is.

    On the other hand, Big Mama dropped some green poop and one of the other hens stumbled today, so who knows how long they will survive? Life is short. Eat dessert (the earthworm if you are a chicken) first.

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