Stephen Kahn

Vaccinate the dinosaur’s food?

In Humor on October 2, 2011 at 9:06 pm

Yesterday, I saw the pullets dashing across the chicken run. When I went inside, I saw that one of the pullets had caught something small. Perhaps the little dinosaur had caught another mouse?

She didn’t want me to get close enough to examine her prey, perhaps sure I would steal it from her (as her sister was trying to do). Also, the prey was so demolished I could not see what it was.

When I told my wife, she was concerned. After all, the last chicken to catch a mouse had been Little Peep. Little Peep had fallen ill a month or two later and I had to perform a mercy killing, much to my wife’s distress. (She hopes that the chickens will outlive us, so we don’t have to deal with the grief of losing them.) Had Little Peep been infected by a virus from eating an infected mouse? I am not sure whether I should surround the chicken run with mouse traps, or make sure to only let them catch mice that have had all their shots. Anyway, semi-free run chickens will eat all sorts of stuff. That is what is supposed to be so great about their “natural” life style.

I am not vaccinating the mice that would do either. One of my sisters, who is very smart, is very skeptical about immunization. She would probably tell me that vaccinations are not very good for mice. Oh, dear, what to do?

  1. Live with it/forget about it… If you knew what YOU were really eating the very knowledge would likely kill you!

  2. Oh, and for what it is worth you can buy every inexpensive antibiotic to add to their water, but don’t give it to them all the time, just at the first sign of illness.

  3. Pete, I have just posted a new article about our new chicken feed. However, as part of my response to your comment here in this comment box, I will quote the most catchy slogan this new company puts on its bags:

    “you are what your animals eat”

    Now I presume this means that after we eat our chickens’ eggs or after we eat our chickens (not in this household, but some people do), our health will depend on what we fed our chickens. To belabor the point in the most literal way.

    But it’s much more fun to read it a different way, especially as Lucy the pullet pecks me at least 20 times each time she encounters me. Now Sharon (Mrs. Friendly Neighbor) always says chickens who peck us are just trying to communicate and showing affection. Well, Sharon is always an optimist and always takes the most positive interpretation of every action and experience. However, I am thinking of the famous Far Side cartoon which shows a couple of spiders weaving a web at the bottom of a children’s slide and saying, “If we pull this off, we’ll eat like kings!” In Lucy’s case, she dreams that one mighty peck will turn me into chicken food and she will live happily off my corpse for at least a week.

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