Stephen Kahn

Little Peep Limps On

In Bad news on September 5, 2011 at 11:50 pm

The other night as I went out to care for the chickens, I noticed that Little Peep, bottom of the pecking order of the three hens, and thus persecutor of the two pullets, is limping. Perhaps she has a sprained ankle. Chickens are remarkably tough birds, but also remarkably fragile. Even at best, their life span is brief. Once they injure one of their legs, they are probably not that long for this world.

My wife is optimistic, and we are caring for her as best we can, and she is limping around gamely, and still trying to pick on the pullets. I am maintaining a discreet silence, but preparing myself for a “Peepless” world. I now return myself to my glum musings about violence.


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