Stephen Kahn

In Humor, Uncategorized on August 31, 2011 at 1:22 am

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Dere Granma,

It is hard for a peep to pek out letrs on a komputer!

Granpa saw us eeting the poolets fud & put it in the hen house kloset to keep us from having some. Mean Granpa!

So we loked him the kloset. As far as we are konkerned, he can live on adult peep fud until u get home and let him out.

My beek is reely sore frum all this tiping!!


  1. You give the bird flu new meaning…

  2. Hi Pete!

    Peace is coming to the hen house, if not the world of humans. For a week or two the hens slept on the roost, and the pullets, like second-hand chickezens, slept on the nesting boxes. Recently, the pullets joined the hens on the roost, while Moll took their place on the nesting boxes. Last night, I suspect all five slept on the roost.

    RG spent the night accompanied by yet another Grandma (mother of father out of law). Vocabulary for my family’s relationships simply does not exist. Today, RG and Grandma D are supposedly hiking in the Olympics.

    I hope everything is well with you, your chickens, your dog, and your spouse.

  3. Have your chickens been hanging out with a certain weasel fiend?

    • Catfish, my chickens are not allowed anywhere near a certain weasel friend, but the chickens’ pet is easily impressed by the weasel fiend’s blog posts and imitates them clumsily.

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