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Pulse too slow…

In Uncategorized on August 13, 2011 at 7:48 pm

I have not posted to my blog for a while. This may have to do with an event a little over a week ago, when I fainted for a few seconds while doing some volunteer work. My neighbor, with me at the time, guessed (I think correctly) that my blood sugar (after two hours of vigorous work) was too low and that I was perhaps dehydrated.

I called to make an appointment with my doctor. My HMO told me my doctor was in Iran. This puzzled me as I doubt it is legal for American citizens to visit Iran, Cuba, or North Korea. I later learned that he is in Afghanistan. This did not exactly reassure me, especially when I learned he is in the Reserves, and had been called to active duty. I would consider it very rude of the Taliban to snipe my doctor. [His staff assured me he is on the back line and out of the line of fire and emails them every week.]

Anyway, I visited a PA. After come consultation he agreed that I probably had been low-insulated and dehydrated. However, he suggested I have a “stress test.” In a couple of weeks I will walk on a treadmill while a cardiologist with a Vietnamese name that rhymes with “woo” (hi, Trucie) tries to decide if I am going to live for a while.

The PA also indicated that my pulse is on the low side. While I exercise vigorously, and have lost 40-50 pounds by becoming addicted to going to the gym instead of eating too much, I am by no means a serous exercise-addict. [That is I do not do triathlons, or even addictionians.] I know that marathon grade exercise lowers pulse rate. My PA thought it might be one of my bp medicines, but another MD doubts it. So modern medicine does not know everything. It remains to be seen if it knows anything.

Anyway, as thousands of people (two people in David’s secret blog, one being David) have clamored for more posting on my blog), I will try to accelerate my pulse enough to comply.

  1. Well, things with slow pulses live longer…like tortoises and stuff. So it doesn’t seem like a bad thing. Except for the passing out. Maybe to live longer, you have to sit still more. In which case you might be bored, and you might not want to live longer.

  2. My doctors seem to have a range in mind for my pulse. Moderation in all things as the saying goes; apparently this applies to moderation in being moderate.

    Also, I said, “over insulated.” The day was warm, I meant to say “over insulin-ated” which is probably not a word, and may not be correct. I may mean under-insulinated. At the moment I am only pre-diabetic. If I actually go all the way diabetic, I will really be in trouble. Though an actually diabetic friend (not my neighbor who is in fine shape) on the volunteer crew insists on continuing to go skiing, even though he is long past the time when he should. Perhaps that is his way of going out in a “blaze of glory.”

    Anyway, I will get back to my violent meditations.

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