Stephen Kahn

New generation, first day on the job

In Good news on May 12, 2011 at 4:46 am

Today two new chicks arrived, peeping like crazy. Will they survive? They can drink, They can eat. They can poop. What more is there to life?

They are not named yet, but my wife said, “One of them is already trying to break out! She’s just like Moll!”

If this keeps up, we will have a gang of biker chicks!

  1. adorable!!! *peep peep*

    I shall watch their progress with interest.

  2. I am watching your progress with interest, also, in the great hive we call the Internet.

  3. So adorable! Congrats on the new chicks. I wonder if chickens grow up happier and more productive if you play classical music for them, and tell them you love them, like plants do. Maybe they would even taste yummier. It works with those Japanese cows . . . though I am not sure how you would massage a chicken.

  4. We haven’t played classical music to them yet, but my wife talks to them in a loving way constantly. Their pen is divided into two sections. One is empty, so they can cuddle and stay warm. The bigger one (“Lucy”) jumped the fence, abandoning the smaller one (“Ethel”). My wife worries that Lucy will jump the fence in the middle of the night and starve or die of thirst in the empty section, and not know how to jump back.

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