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Never safe

In Bad news, Good news, Humor on April 3, 2011 at 6:33 pm

Life is dangerous. One moment, you are running back into the cave and trying to hide from a tiger. The next moment, you have intestinal flu and running outside to crap in the bushes because who wants to crap where your clan is sharing the cave, meanwhile the tiger eats you and gets the flu from you.

The next day, an earthquake and a tsunami hits your island and your nuclear reactor. That’s if you live in Japan. I live on Whidbey Island. We haven’t been hit with an earthquake yet, though we live on a fault. We don’t have a nuclear reactor, but our power goes out frequently in the wind storms.

Or you get hit by a computer virus that wrecks your nuclear energy program. I think that is what happened to Iran recently. Was the virus from Israel or from the United States? Welcome to the future.

My computer or my email or something in my electronic “life”  was hit by something on April 1. There is something going around called “Lisamoon” that apparently has hit over a million computers. If I emailed you, it was probably Lisamoon. But maybe it  wasn’t. At the moment I am testing an old “gmail” account I haven’t used in about a year to see if it was compromised. My neighbors are coming over for dinner tomorrow night.

Craig and Sharon got rid of their computer. Now they live mostly off the grid, though they get satellite television.

Sharon got breast cancer, so she didn’t come over for dinner a few weeks ago when originally scheduled, but she is responding well to treatment, so they are  trying again to join us for dinner. I hope nothing like an earthquake or tsunami or tiger or other peril interferes.

If my computer infected yours, I apologize. If you need to email me, email me so I can tell you the secret safe email. Darn. I don’t think this is going work. It’s too much like a Dilbert joke.

[A few years ago, Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) had a rare illness that was too much like a Dilbert joke.

Then he joked about women recently and is now undergoing a torrent of criticism. Scott Adams is too much like a Dilbert joke. This is all true. Go figure.]

Oh, well, I am going to go eat worms or feed worms to the chickens. I will update you about the trick I am trying to play on the chickens one of these days. It involves “slow food.”

  1. I got two emails from you, but they just contained links with no explanatory text or chat so I assumed they were hacked ‘spam’ and deleted them. Luckily, macs don’t seem to suffer from viruses to the same extent that PCs do. Just as I don’t seem to suffer from colds and flu to the same extent as my colleagues. I am clearly a superior operating system 🙂

    [Famous last words… having tempted the Furies thus, I will doubtless be felled by a particularly virulent strain of bird flu this very evening]

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