Stephen Kahn

Not good enough for the food bank…

In Hard to tell, Humor on March 29, 2011 at 4:11 am

I remember old stories (urban legends or not I can’t figure out even with the help of about elderly people eating cat food or dog food because they could not afford human food.

Whidbey Island has a mailing list of free stuff people are giving away or requests people are making for  freebies. Usually the offers or asks are not edible, though occasionally they are. Recently I saw:

Going through the canned food in the disaster kit…

Have several bags (lots and lots) of very expired canned food


Anyone want it for your pigs?

Which made me wonder. Is it safe for the  pigs? What are you keeping the pigs for? Pets? Or food? They don’t lay eggs. In any case, our chickens eat very well and very safely and seem to be very healthy.

  1. I feel sorry for those piggies.

  2. I should imagine any goats would probably be delighted by such an offering, too. Any of the goats I grew up with would have eaten your arm off given half a chance.

  3. Karen, I have my doubts about the poor piggies also. On the other hand, in the last two weeks I have eaten pork chops and bacon. It’s very dangerous being up the food chain.

    Woo, I grew up with goats also, and they would indeed chomp on strange stuff, though they could be surprisingly fussy at times also.

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