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Year Round Gardening

In Good news, Uncategorized on March 20, 2011 at 3:41 am

Good carrots

When we first moved to Washington state and first started gardening I read books that talked about how it was possible to have “year-round gardening” in the temperate Pacific Northwest climate. It never seemed that we quite got there.


This month, March 2011, we went to our garden and collected the last carrots and potatoes out of our garden. They had been carefully protected with straw and row covers. We are not farmers. These are “boutique vegetables” from hobby gardeners. They are good for us. They will not get us through the collapse of civilization, but they are perhaps helping us be healthier in our “senior” years.

Carrots that did not make it through the winter

The first batch of pictures indicates the ratio of good carrots to bad carrots. The second batch of pictures shows the good potatoes. (I threw the bad potatoes away without photographing them. However, most of the potatoes were still good. They are now stored in bags on the landing leading to our basement.


White potatoes









Red potatoes



Under a row cover we are growing a European specialty green called mâche or “corn salad.” If I get to it, I will put a picture of the corn salad in my next post.

It feels like Spring. I saw a chipmunk. The chickens took a sun/dirt/straw bath and pecked up worms and weeds.

In the world, the United Nations talked about protecting the rebels of Libya against Khadafi and there is confused talk about Saudi Arabia using its vast oil money to fund a “Marshall Plan” for the Middle East. Are things looking up for civilization?

If nothing else, we have some carrots and potatoes and mâche.

  1. Mache, eh? Very stylish. I love that stuff, but it’s so expensive to buy; I usually skip it.

  2. As usual, you are so similar to my wife. Except she doesn’t skip it, she grows it. Perhaps one or two little plants as house plants to garnish your salad?

  3. I was actually surprised when I woke up on Saturday morning to read that we (the French, British and Americans) had begun bombing military targets in Libya. Of all the reasons to use force, the protection of civilians who are trying to overthrow a despotic ruler seems to me to be one of the best.

    Of course, it remains to be seen what kind of government in Libya will replace Khadafi. I doubt that full representative democracy is going to be it, somehow.

  4. Color me surprised, also. I worked out at the gym today. Physical exercise is said to help forestall dementia. (I worked out vigorously today and did not forget anything at the gym–which I have been doing of late.) I suggested to other people in the locker room (although I had been controlling my compulsive merriment fairly well) that perhaps we should provide Gaddafi with a guest membership to the gym in the hope of forestalling his dementia. The locker-room consensus was that it’s a little late in the game for him.

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