Stephen Kahn


In Hard to tell on March 16, 2011 at 12:54 pm


  1. Random, this is looking grim! Where is your fan base? Are they all optimists?

  2. Pete, please grow your food SLOWLY. (Chew with your mouth closed, also.)

    I have discovered that yelling at plants in the garden does not cause them to grow any faster. However, it doesn’t seem to make them grow any slower, either.

    As far as my fans being base, I have been trying to improve them and make them more spiritual for years. Probably, you are more spiritual than you used to be, but it would be silly for me to try and take credit for the change. It might be your wife, or your church, or your dogs, or your hens…I don’t know. However, I am glad you still read and comment on my blogs.

  3. I like food.

  4. It’s hard to get along without it, so it’s probably better to like it than to hate it. However, it depends on the person. I was addicted to foot for a long time, so in my case, it’s probably better to go “cold turkey.”

    [Actually, I had an unheated turkey sandwich for lunch.]

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