Stephen Kahn

Nothing happens and it keeps not happening for ever.

In Hard to tell, Humor on March 13, 2011 at 10:41 pm

Of course there is always something more to say, until the day comes when I have nothing more to say, though it’s quite likely somebody will be around to say something.

Anyway, I will quote two interesting comments from a British newspaper

Reviewing a television show about the “Wonders of the Universe” for the The Guardian. Andrew Anthony comments, “…Apparently the universe is still in its very infancy, within the vanishingly small segment of its history that will support life. Biology is an entropic anomaly on the ’long road from order to disorder’”. For trillions and trillions of lifeless years the universe will slowly collapse towards its final death, and then, as Cox explained in a voice reverberating with cosmic rapture: ‘Nothing happens and it keeps not happening for ever.'”

In the same edition of the paper, the same writer comments in “Scene of the week,”

“… I dislike the slumming celebrity genre, and Comic Relief is not a name that has me rushing to press the “record” button. Yet there was much to admire in Comic Relief: Famous, Rich and in the Slums (BBC1). Henry and three other celebs were dropped into Kibera, a vast shantytown that forms part of Nairobi, to earn a living in various menial jobs, including shoveling excrement from overflowing public latrines. The most treasurable moment came when one inhabitant pointed to her vagina and advised a jobless Angela Rippon: ‘You have to hawk this.’ The former newsreader was dumfounded and amused. But like all the best jokes, it was also tragic: that’s exactly what Rippon’s adviser, a single mother of three, was forced to do herself. Amid the tears, effluent and emoting, it was an unsentimental, unpalatable, but sadly unexceptional truth.”


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