Stephen Kahn

Good news about cancer

In Good news on March 12, 2011 at 9:49 pm

A good friend of ours is suffering from breast cancer. My “Taiwanese-Jewish wealthy cousin” died of breast cancer as have other women I have known, so I am always concerned when I hear of someone suffering from this illness.

Our friend told my wife that new treatments are making it possible for her to avoid radiation and chemotherapy in her treatment. She takes a pill a day and took her first pill yesterday. I didn’t call and ask for details, but perhaps this web page explains something about this good news:

New cancer therapies

This strikes me a small step in the effort to forestall the collapse of civilization. Also, it looks to me as if it has stopped raining, so I will go outside and put some straw in the chicken run. It’s a good movie, also, if it’s raining where you are and you don’t have anything else to do.

  1. That is very good news. I have a close friend going through traditional chemo for breast cancer, and hearing about it has pretty much convinced me that if I am ever diagnosed with cancer, my treatment plan will involve a loaded gun, after a series of farewell meals at my favorite restaurants.

  2. Our friend is a strong believer in the benefits of positive thinking. I think the doctors giving her a potent pill will be turbocharged by her attitude. My wife asked me to put out straw for the chickens because their run is muddy. Knowing that my wife would like the straw distributed in a neat and orderly fashion, I just dumbed big swatches of it and told the chickens to get to work scratching and spreading it, knowing that they are dumb clucks who would set to work with a will, which they did. It was the best of all positive worlds for one day. Dinner was good also; I gave the chickens some earthworms and oats; nothing tastes better than that combination to them.

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