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Today’s Good News

In Good news, Humor on March 10, 2011 at 1:41 am

Let’s see. If I remember correctly, I flipped a coin and it told me  to post some  bad news.  This morning, I had an ominous feeling, and there were some mildly disturbing events, but I proceeded carefully through the day, and so far (it is 5:33 pm Pacific Standard Time), I am alive and still only partially demented.

In fact, I am working on starting a credit union as a keeping myself out of trouble project and had some ambiguous success on my current assignment. Riding the bus (to save peaking oil),  I encountered a woman interested in helping me start a credit union (by signing a harmless survey which I will mail to her).  She seemed more demented than I am, though she remembered my  name and I had forgotten hers. She was distracted as she started to give me  her address (so I thought I would miss my stop), but I did not.

What’s not to be cheerful about?

Also, Beetlejuice is about to go nova but maybe not now and even if it does we will just look at the spectacular view, and even if it fries us, we probably won’t have that much time to worry about it.

What’s not to like? (If you are reading this, I hope things are OK where you are.)


  1. This post is dated March 10, but it is only March 9.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

    Carry on.

  2. Karen, thank you for keeping an eye on things. I think this falls into the “good news” category because it doesn’t fall into the “It is later than you think” category.

    As you know, I am addicted to empiricism, so probably there is a boring and rational explanation. Perhaps my dashboard is messed up, or the change to daylight saving has snuk (sneaked?) in, or it’s an attack of globalism out of control (perhaps it is Trucie’s fault in Australia). Life is very strange, don’t you know?

    By the way, I am spending a lot of time in churches lately as part of my credit union formation campaign.

    Evangelical Christian Credit Union in California, near where I used to live when I was a child. Is there still hope for me even if I am 67 and unrepentant? I am such a bad tease.


    Forgot to post link to the evangelical credit union. Perhaps you can get your pastor to join; perhaps he already belongs? If the Lord moves you that way, check with him and let me know an .

  4. Is the previous comment a new kind of spam? Is it too subtle for my demented mind to comprehend?

  5. Looks like spam to me.

    Part of me wishes Betelgeuse would go supernova now, because it would be spectacularly beautiful… and the other part of me more sensibly wishes it wouldn’t because life is good, currently, and I am enjoying it.

    And yes, although I am a day ahead of you over here… even your blog dates cannot keep up with me!

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