Stephen Kahn

Start running. Right now. Darn.

In Bad news on March 8, 2011 at 4:26 am

As just decided by the 2 new pence coin, here is tonight’s bad news about the Collapse of Civilization.

More information (and some jolly good pictures) at

Though I suggest you start running right now. Or better yet, slip on your jet pack and start flying. Assuming you have any gasoline left for your flying machine and you can navigate through the crowded skies.


Boston Dynamics, maker of the Army’s BigDog robotic mule, announced today that Darpa has awarded it a contract to build a much faster and more fearsome animal-like robot, Cheetah.

As the name implies, Cheetah is designed to be a four-legged robot with a flexible spine and articulated head (and potentially a tail) that runs faster than the fastest human. In addition to raw speed, Cheetah’s makers promise that it will have the agility to make tight turns so that it can “zigzag to chase and evade” and be able to stop on a dime.


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