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In Hard to tell, Humor on March 8, 2011 at 4:14 am

 When I was a young whippersnapper in the 1960s, many inspiring phrases were popular, such as “Make Love Not War,” “Peace and Love,” and the “Greening of America,” I have a vague memory of attending many inspiring meetings and conferences where savy gurus young and old shared their wisdom.

Forty years later, I am not very wise? What gives? Was I hoodwinked?

I do remember one wise suggestion. The gurette suggested what to do when having difficulty making a decision. Not a big decision, such as whether or not to exterminate with extreme prejudice a person who irritates you mightily, but a small, “What the hell?” decision, such as whether I should post a cheerful optimistic point about whether civilization is going to collapse?

Her suggestion for such decisions:

Flip a coin. If you like what the coin decides, great! If you don’t like what the coin decides, then you know what you really wanted. If you don’t give a hoot, then you are not wasting time or agonizing over something trivial when you could be doing something constructive and useful such as agonizing over something really stupid and important.”

So here, in real time, I am going to flip my official flip coin. It’s some kind of strange British Commonwealth coin with a picture of Queen Elizabeth on the head side and “2 New Pence” and a weird crown or something on the other side. What’s a “pence” by the way, and what happened to the old pence?

Anyway, here in real time, before your very eyes, at 8:09 Pacific Time, I will flip.

Heads: Good News about the collapse of civilization.

Tails: Bad News about the collapse of civilization.


We’re doomed. Into the bunker! Incoming! Flee! All is discovered!


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