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Ilardi, depression, don’t ruminate, do

In Books, Good news, Humor on February 17, 2011 at 4:46 am

My copy of Ilardi’s book on curing depression arrived today. Should I write about it? In the book, one of the chapters says, “Don’t ruminate, do.” So I will tell you (my two or maybe four readers), if you are depressed, read the book; if you are not depressed, do something. Which you are probably doing; that is why you aren’t depressed. Good on you. He also says, “Get enough sleep and enough light.” So tonight I am going to bed and tomorrow I am going to feed the chickens, working as hard as they do (and probably laying a few eggs while I am at it) and clearing the path to have our septic tank drained. Sometimes you just have to clear the shit out.

  1. A whole-hearted thumbs up to that last sentence.

    Yes, sleep and light are the twin pillars of my existence. Well, those and medjool dates and peanut butter on toast and decaf coffee and scrambled eggs and lactose-free milk… 😉

  2. Thumbs up is good. Just be careful where you insert the thumbs.

    We eat a lot of peanut butter on (whole grain) toast. I love Medjool dates but have not had a date with one for quite a while. Maybe I will ask one out tomorrow when I ride the bus to town to work out at the gym. I work out at the gym every other day, but I try to ride the bus one day a week because I am peeking at the last of the peak oil. It is supposed to snow Friday; there may not be that many dates on the date trees.

  3. I think that’s good advice — usefulness is a great enemy to depression, even if it’s something simple like folding laundry. Which I rarely do. But if I’m depressed again, maybe I’ll get around to it.

  4. I am so glad to see you here. Now, if I can just get Waxing in here, the whole tiny coven will be present. Boil and bubble, toil and trouble, as civilization collapses into rubble.

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