Stephen Kahn

Please don’t grab my land…

In Hard to tell on February 13, 2011 at 10:54 pm

Also, on the ambivalent track, I observe the revolution in Egypt, one that does not  involve (so far) blood running in the streets, as cause for a sliver of optimism about civilization surviving.

Even the ban on celebrating Valentine’s Day in Iran has something to be said for it, if it helps keep population growth at sensible levels.

On the other hand, the current “land grab” in Africa is gloomy and disquieting.

  1. Wow… Progressively depressing as I read each link. Makes me glad I live in the good ol’ US of A, even though we have all the same issues, except instead of banning Valentines day they are working on banning Christmas, we have Planned Parenthood to keep the population in check (50 million babies and counting) and we have the govt seizing private land in Connecticut that still sits vacant. You better buy the book mentioned above Steve. If you continue searching out all this gloom and doom you will need more than a book!

  2. Pete, the gloom is searching all of us out, no matter where we live. However, compared to GunTurk (see blog roll), I am positively cheerful, though not as well armed.

  3. I had not looked at Gun Turk site but just did. Very interesting. He defines his self as a “Doomer.” I had never heard that term. Sounds like you are a doomer now, thus this blog. I guess I am only a quasi-doomer, as I agree the end is coming and it is near. The net result to me won’t be doom, as I believe in redemption of Jesus Christ. But there is likely to be plenty of gloom on the way, as the world will not be a nice place when He returns. SO I’m in Turks camp…buy more guns, AND AMMO. Buy more pellets, Steven! I recommend bigger pellets, though!

  4. The question is: are we gloom and doomers or are we cheer and gloomers. As an atheist who realizes that I am closer than further to my individual end, I characterize my attitude as “cheerful despair.”

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