Stephen Kahn

Ambivalent about survival…

In Hard to tell on February 13, 2011 at 10:30 pm

In reading “survivalist” blogs, I notice two trends. (Overtime I will build up a blog roll illustrating both approaches.)

One is the armed, “ready to shoot the ravening hordes about to overrun my garden and food stores” school of thought. For example, the one blog on my roll at present, GunTurk at the GunBurg  (apparently based on a homestead in Texas) seems fairly typical of this approach.

The other is the “peace and love,” “we must all work together to save civilization” school of thought. Here on Whidbey Island, the positive-thinking, optimistic approach tends to predominate. However, I notice a lot of caution. For example, the log-on procedures for accessing the discussions at Transition Whidbey have fairly strong passwords and moderately strict procedures for allowing you to log on. Can you spell the word “ambivalence”?

  1. I have long suspected that hippies have a core of steel, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the human species eventually evolves – post-apocalyse – into a hybrid of the gun-toting and seed-sowing varieties.

  2. I think you have a good point. I am a sentimental fool who shoots bunnies and gray squirrels. My wife is a sweet little woman who cries when I decapitate a non-thriving chick and helps me stomp bunnies to death.

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