Stephen Kahn

That’s cold…

In Bad news on February 11, 2011 at 3:55 am

Today my wife heard several coyotes howling near our land. Safe behind an electrified fence, our chickens froze.

People in Siberia have more than one reason to freeze:

  1. This is clearly a hot hotly contested issue, and blood boils on both sides. I don’t know about your town Random, er, Steve, (May I call you Steve or do you prefer Stephen?) In my town you can shoot any animal, including dogs, that endanger your livestock, and I consider chickens livestock, You can eat from them and you can make money from them. I have not shot a dog for doing so, but it required extreme restraint when I found the neighbor dog in my pen with 10 dead chickens he just killed and did not eat. The dog was put down a year later for threatening children. I have spent a LOT of time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, one of the most beautiful and natural places on earth. Since the wolves have been reintroduced there the moose population has been decimated. There is substantial evidence that wolves (And dogs) do not always kill because they are hungry. Call it for sport, or training their young, or whatever, I do not have that answer. So I have a question…If science can recreate a wooly mammoth from DNA (They are currently trying)should we reintroduce the wooly mammoth everywhere it once lived?
    Who know’s Steve, maybe they will save man kind from self-destruction?

  2. Pete,

    As you know, I am a radical agnostic and an ethical nihilist. My wife and I brutally kill any creature that threatens our garden and our chickens. My wife is so fond of our chickens, she would probably take them to a vet if they got sick. My doctor keeps chickens in Seattle; he told me that he would consider taking them to a vet if they became ill. These are arbitrary and sentimental decisions. I am glad I do not live near wolves or bears.

    Before I bought a pellet rifle, my wife and I found a couple of rabbits in our garden. We stomped them to death. That grossed me out a bit (though did not stop me); after I bought the pellet rifle, I shot quite a few rabbits. At my wife’s insistence, I have shot several gray squirrels. She considers red squirrels as “native” to Whidbey Island and gray squirrels as alien interlopers. I call this “squirrel racism,” and go along with it for marital peace.

    I have been reading quite a few “survival blogs,” and will start posting some on my blog roll. There are two main styles: the “guns and self-defense” style and the “peace and love and cooperation” style. Transition Whidbey falls into the latter style. My temperament tends that way, but as the recent shooting of the Congresswoman in Arizona shows (and many other events in the news do also) there are many human beings who are dangerous, crazy, vicious, and so on. The books you suggested I read by Nelson DeMille–such as The Gold Coast are certainly much closer to the beware of humans as dangerous predators syle of thought. However, once in a while, human surprise me by behaving fairly decently; the relatively peaceful course of events (so far) in Egypt, for example.

    Some people call me “Stephen.” That is what my wife calls me. Quite a few people call me “Steve.” I am perfectly comfortable with that also. My wife’s name is Christina. She is much fussier than I am. She does not like to be called “Tina,” (which her mother did), “Chris,” “Christine,” and other such variations.

  3. Many predators, including cats, dogs, wolves, weasels, and so on, seem to kill for “sport.” My unscientific theory (mostly from watching cats) is that as kittens they learn to hunt by something we interpret as “play,” and this behavior persists into adulthood because the practice keeps their skills sharp and makes them better hunters and more likely to survive.

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