Stephen Kahn

Kudos to Moles

In Good news, Humor on February 8, 2011 at 9:49 pm

While I am giving kudos to rats and mice, I probably should offer a little credit to moles as well.

I definitely get moles in my Whidbey Island garden. I remember gophers from my childhood in Orange County California; I don’t know if gophers are as helpful as moles. The University of California at Santa Cruz team name is the “Banana Slugs.” I don’t know if there are any team names for moles or gophers.

There is a “Mole Valley” football (soccer to us Yankees) in England. I’m having to dig pretty deep on this one.

OK, off to find something depressing to post about.

  1. Before I moved to the Antipodes, I worked out of the former stables of a large country house in Norfolk, UK. The gardens were pretty and moles seemed to find the extensive expanses of lawn irresistible, to the permanent chagrin of the owner who employed… The Mole Man. Yes, he deserves Capitalisation. He was quietly indefatigable in his pursuit of moles in that garden. And he had myriad obscure methods for figuring out where, precisely, the little blighters were under all that grass.

  2. Of course, the term “mole” is well-known as slang for a person who works from within an organization to subvert it.

    For example, the following link takes one to a “mole” subversion theory so arcane it gives me a headache just trying to read it.

    Of course, in the classic book of children’s literature, Wind in the Willows, Mole is a subversive, unreliable rascal.

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